Iranian cyber lawyer – Iran law firm

Iranian cyber lawyer – Iran law firm

Iranian cyber lawyer – Iran law firm – Adl Rayan-e Iranian Institution of Information Technology Rights employs lawyers specialized in IT rights and experts in computer sciences and telecommunications. Using the modern cyber-forensic knowledge, it is the first specialized institution dealing with computer lawsuits and electronic commerce rights.

The unique features of Adl Rayan-e Iranian include specialty in the knowledge of cybercrime detection and documentation of digital evidence according to international standards and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s domestic rules.

With the significant expansion of information technology and the increasing penetration rate of computers in all businesses, nowadays it can definitely be stated that the role of extracted data from computer machines cannot be ignored in any legal or criminal lawsuits.

Collecting and documenting such evidence, identifying producers and disseminators, and filing lawsuits in legal and criminal courts have all been absent in the field of legal knowledge. Therefore, it is essential to probe into the cyber-forensic knowledge or computer criminology extensively and accurately.

Adl Rayan-e Iranian employs experienced engineers in this field. This institution is ready to help you and serve as a reliable advisor from the dawn of a business.

Some of the services provided by Adl Rayan-e Iranian Institution of IT Rights are as follows:

Litigation of cyber lawsuits

Litigation of computer crimes

Litigation of the Internet business lawsuits

Litigation of international computer crimes

Cyber legal consultancy

Cyber lawsuit consultancy

Website and domain registration legal consultancy

Consultancy provided for IT contracts

Consultancy provided for the Internet businesses

Iranian cyber lawyer

Our distinctive features

Experience and specialty

Taking advantage of technical and legal knowledge and experience required in cyber rights

Online accountability

Online accountability provided for customers in the processes of current cases

Cooperation between engineers and lawyers

Cooperation between IT engineers and lawyers to deal with cases

Free consultancy

Free online consultancy provided for cyber lawsuits and computer rights

Technical support

Consultancy and technical solutions meant to increase business security and safety

Network of colleagues

Cooperation with digital evidence laboratories and cyber experts

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Activities of Adl Rayan-e Institution of IT Rights

Our activities include collecting and documenting evidence for legal and criminal IT lawsuits, drawing up lawsuits, and following up legal and criminal IT lawsuits. We also use technical methods to obtain evidence, identify cybercriminals, and present documents to judicial authorities in order to file lawsuits against IT crimes. We also represent defendants or plaintiffs legally by providing credibly technical IT proof. Moreover, we pursue legal and criminal lawsuits filed in trademarks, patents, and intellectual and artistic rights. We also provide consultancy for IT contracts and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in addition to filing lawsuits against termination, computer frauds, computer extortions, dissemination of private photos, etc.


Iranian cyber lawyer - Iran law firm


Iranian cyber lawyer – Iran law firm Iranian cyber lawyer – Iran law firm Iranian cyber lawyer – Iran law firm Iranian cyber lawyer – Iran law firm

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